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Feb 15, 2012
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Hi there, i'm mtmerrick.

I love android, and tho i'm not a dev, i'm a pretty active member of the android community, and have been for over a year now.

I check my news sites several times a day to always stay on top of things (popsci, engadget, verge, droid life, cnet, phandroid, xda, and, of course, android central) so i know more about tech than half the devs out there, even though i can't code. (don't get me wrong, i want to learn how to code, i just can't decide on a language :p)

I have a Droid Charge, an LG Vortex, and an Acer Iconia A500. All rooted, and my Charge and Iconia are ROM'd.

A little more on the personal side, i'm starting college in the fall, work part-time as an HVACP CAD drafter (though 75% of my work seems to be computer maintenance/repair :p) and in addition to android, also love minecraft, playing text-based RPGs, and i still enjoy legos.

Apparently i've been a member for a while now: i wanted to post something in the comments of an article, and without thinking, logged in with the same logon credentials i use everywhere, and it worked. i honestly don't remember making an account here but i've been bored lately and this is a great community. terrible reason to join a site, i know, but i'm here now =P
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