Looking For A Appointment Book App For A Salon

Dominicus Saxon

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Jul 23, 2012
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My wife is a cosmetologist and finally decided to get a tablet to help keep her appointments and client info in. What we're looking for is an Android app that will let her set appointments in 15 minute increments, do double booking, keep client info sorted including history of previous services, preferred nail color, preferred hair styles, length of hair in case it's a perm, which colors to use and how much to mix, etc Anyone who has been in the salon business (or knows someone who is) you know there's about 78,000 pieces of info you have to keep straight on your clients and it can be a real pain.

Does anyone know of a really good salon appointment book app ? I've checked out Jorte, Full Slate and several others and either the reviews are really bad or they have a monthly fee. I'm looking for a one time payment for the app, and we don't need one that has it's own website either.

Any help or suggestions from stylists who have apps they like, please let me know. Thanks.