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Jan 8, 2017
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Hi folks,
I have spend endless days of research in Playstore, Google and here in the Forum.
But so far without results and I am looking for help now... ;-)

I need a smart app that helps me managing the lock/unlocked status of my phone (Galaxy Note 4).
It should be able to:

- keep the phone unlocked when logged in to certain wifi networks
- lock the phone when leaving the network
- keep the phone unlocked when in certain (GPS) locations
- keep the phone locked or unlocked depending of day-time / time of the day
- offer a variety of other options for locking / unlocking
- offer a variety of tools/widgets for the lock screen
- disable turn off / reboot when phone is locked

Do you have any suggestions...?
I would really appreciate it, Thank you !


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Sep 30, 2011
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I've liked this in the paid version:

It doesn't do everything you request, but it does some important things you don't mention.

For instance, this app will
--prevent people from uninstalling it.
--It will also prevent Task Manager from being used to kill it.
--It has a Fake Lock option that makes it look like the program has crashed unless you long press the program for a long time. I really liked the Fake Lock thing. I figure simple passwords are always going to be hackable. If the person trying to hack doesn't even realize the app is locked--that's a nice touch.
...and stuff like that. It is very customizable.

It doesn't do all that you request, but my LG phone has a "smart" set of features so, like you suggest, it can learn to automatically unlock my phone at home. I personally don't like to use features like that, but in conjunction with the app named, that should take care of a lot of things if your phone supports such issues. And therein is the key---at this point, I have ample layers of security for the lock screen, sim card. I like to keep the app lock itself fairly simple. I even ditched the app I mentioned--more options that I care to set--and just use the simple app lock that comes with All in One Toolbox. (Many other programs have freebies, too, like AVG Grisoft, as part of the program).

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