Looking for VR headset and Does J3 Emerge support Google Daydream VR?

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Hi! Im just going to ask two questions so I can get it outta the way so I don't have to post two posts if that makes sense. I'm looking for a VR headset for my J3 Emerge. I was wondering if anyone can help me find the right matching headset. I Think my size is 5.55 x 2.76 not having any luck finding one. I tried Google but no luck finding information what good VR headsets this phone can use. Most are for bigger phones but it does support VR. But I don't want a basic Google Cardboard headset that you can buy on amazon for 15 bucks if you know what I mean.

And is the J3 Emerge Daydream ready and does it support the Daydream headset if anyone owns one? Thanks for all your support. Hoping I can get this out of the way and enjoy some VR on my phone. :)


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Jun 8, 2010
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The J3 does NOT support Daydream or GearVR. Google Cardboard is the way to go. Pretty much any decent plastic "cardboard" VR Headset you find on Amazon should work fine. The BEST is Merge VR but that's out of your price range.

THIS is the one I got for my nephew.....