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Aug 9, 2011
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Hello all I was looking for some guidance and I know it would will change in several months but I was looking for some help. I am not sure if this is where this question belongs, so if needs to be moved please let me know.

I was looking to come back to an Android phone myself (and possibly my wife at some point.) We both have Windows phones right now (her a Lumia 920 and me I had a 920 and currently have a 640XL.) Before I switched to windows I had an HTC Inspire which I did like but some of the Android stuff seemed so fragmented back when HTC had dozens of phones. I was looking for some help in what a good phone would be to get that are either out now or coming out in the futures for my wife and I. I have missed having some of the apps that are out now on our windows phones and seems like Android has gotten a bit better from several years ago.

My wife isn't too picky on a phone but she is happy with middle of the road so long as it works, takes a decent photo, and can run apps she needs to use like reading, and some basic games.

I was looking at some phones myself but wasn't sure if they were decent. I had looked at some reviews but was hoping to get some users here that have used them or more experience with them. I was looking at the Nexus Phones and the One+ phones and wasn't sure if they were worth buying them at a whole price or say a program like NEXT from ATT for another phone.


Laura Knotek

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Jan 8, 2011
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Hi and welcome to AndroidCentral.

I switched from Windows Phone to Android myself, since I was tired of the app gap and the buggy "resuming" screen on Windows Phone.

You really can't go wrong with a Nexus 6P or 5X device. It is stock Android, with no extra carrier bloatware, and it will receive monthly updates directly from Google. It is also unlocked, so if you decide you don't want AT&T, it will work on any US carrier. The Nexus 6P has one of the best cameras.

OnePlus devices are inexpensive, but they might not have the proper radios to support LTE on US carriers. Some of the OnePlus devices also lack NFC.

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