Looking to replace my laptop with a N7...here is what I would want to use it for (can it be done?):


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Dec 21, 2012
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Hey guys!

I've been an owner of a Nexus 4 and I have absolutely fallen in love with the platform and google after many years of apple fan-boy-ism.

I will be commuting to school starting this week, and I have a perfectly fine and capable laptop to use (Lenovo 14'' thinkpad) but its just to bulky and heavy!

I'd like to see if you guys can maybe tell me if the N7 with bluetooth keyboard / mouse would allow me to download excel files and do simple editing on them and a make word documents. Then..would it be possible to take two files I have worked on, one excel one word AND pictures I've taken on my N4 (I would upload them to google drive from the phone) and send them all together in one email? I know I can send one file through email, but once I add a word file for instance, can I then somehow add another saved excel file and some pictures to that email?

There is one Nexus 7 with 4G in stock in my neighbor hood and I would really like to swing by tomorrow and pick it up if you guys think my needs could be met by it.

Thanks in advance fellas!


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Oct 28, 2012
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As far as editing MS Office files, that's a bit of a moving target given how each new release Office modifies the files to some extent. However, a free app named Kingsoft Office does a decent job at importing and exporting Office formats like Excel and Word. Perhaps you can find out more at their website about the exact limitation of compatibility of their app. Check the reviews, and such.


I would use a (powered) USB hub and plug a standard wired or wireless USB keyboard of some type (and mouse) myself. Most powered hubs will work well without external power but using power when available like at home will make the N7 battery last much longer. The powered hub will also let you plug in external memory, ethernet, etc. at the same time and even charge as you work if you root the N7. But bluetooth works as well. No reason why you can't use both as you like since the cost is minimal either way, other than some bluetooth keyboards are spendy. There is a much better selection of USB keyboard and mice and I am somewhat particular about my keyboard.

Someone else will have to tell you about integrating email since I use my desktop only for that.
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Jul 25, 2012
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Re: Looking to replace my laptop with a N7

Office Pro 6 Word, Excel and Power Point.

I paid 99? at the play store, don't know how much they want now.

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Aug 6, 2012
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Re: Looking to replace my laptop with a N7...?):

Depends a lot on what you consider simple excel and word files and what you are taking. May be OK if you are commuting and can use your laptop at home for the heavy lifting . Same argument went on in the Crackberry thread with lots of different opinions.

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