Losing wifi signal: "not in range."


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Dec 20, 2009
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That's the problem. It's there when I boot up, but I lose it within a few minutes.

The claim is the router, which works for other wireless connections in my house and which is sitting 3 feet away from me as I type this, is "not in range."

The phone won't let me switch to static from DHCP (save-connect greys out when I try it)

It just started a few days ago, after I switched ROMS, but the problem remains the same regardless of which ROM I use.

I changed radios and so forth, but this problem appeared several DAYS after I did that.

I've spent hours looking for solutions (I'm apparently not the only one with this problem) but have come up with nothing.

Are there other radios out there to look at or install? Can I go back to the stock radio, and if so, where might that be?

(UPDATE: have reinstalled the VRBLK3_rpm_and_modem.zip and it's made no difference.)

(UPDATE 2: fired up an old Belkin with no security, and the phone seems to be holding the Belkin signal while the Actiontec that I've been using falls off the WiFi Analyzer.

Meanwhile, all other wifi stuff in the house that's connected to the Actiontec continues to be locked on to that router with a strong signal. But on the WiFi Analyzer, it just pops up briefly, and then drops off while the Belkin stays steady.

Thanks for the help!
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