Lost apps after moving to sd card with App2SD


Jun 26, 2011
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On my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Sprint I used Apps2SD by Sam Lu to move many of my apps over to my new 32 gig SD Card. After a bit I realized that I had moved many of the apps over that should have stayed on the main internal storage, mainly because of widgets. So I moved many of them back.

Shortly after doing that I was at a retreat with my phone on airplane mode to preserve battery life. I took some pictures and videos, read my Kindle app and Bible and then plugged it in to charge. The next day several of the pictures and videos I took showed up as a black icon and were not accessible. Then I noticed that all the apps that I had moved to the SD card were "greyed out" and even some of the apps that I had moved back to the internal storage. The phone then told me the SD card needed to be formatted.

Since then I have tried to use file recovery software to recover missing files on the SD card and it finds hundreds of photos and several videos, but nothing else. So the big question is, where are my apps? Does anyone have an idea of how to recover my missing apps? They show up on my phone with "greyed out" icons so the phone thinks they're installed but obviously they're not. Any ideas?



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Mar 24, 2012
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I guess the first thing is why did you use an app for something that your phone does natively? You do not need Apps2SD in order to move them. That's probably your first problem. Secondly, it seems like your phone is not recognizing your SD card. Have you tried rebooting it? Have you tried pulling the SD and putting it into a computer to see what's on it? Or even a file explorer like ES? Last but not least, have you ried rebooting the phone after you made all of these moves? Maybe someone else will chime in here with better ideas, but these are the things I would try first. And remeber, you DO NOT NEED APPS2SD. :)

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