Lost my calander events


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Hello so i had alot of my events saved in the S6 builtin calander . Recently i was unable to access playstore and it said thag i need to authenticate the email and there for i changed the samsung email . and the playstore works fine now but my calander events r gone. I really need the events can i get them back if i chamge my email to what it was before? Or is there another way to get them? Pls hlp thanks

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Do you know if those events were associated with your Samsung account's My Calendar or with one of the calendars associated with your Google account?

Also, I'm confused about your Play Store and email authentication issue. The Google Play Store wouldn't require you to change your Samsung email account. Are you saying that you had to create a new Google account and sync it with the phone? Or are you talking about the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store, which is the one that's associated with your Samsung account?