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Lost photos after migrate

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All the photos on my U5 HD have disappeared after a migrate from the internal storage to SD card, the card is empty and unreadable by the phone and the gallery is empty, i have tried recovering the photos but all attempts failed so far. I have disk digger but need to root the phone 1st and as i have never "rooted" a phone before am a little scared of bricking the phone.


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Aug 5, 2015
When transferring files from one "drive" to another, sometimes Android drops the ball.
Unfortunately, if the failed operation was a MOVE, not a COPY, often times both the source and destination files are lost forever.

Your safest bet for future file transfers:
COPY the files to the new storage.
Restart the phone to flush the buffers and start the indexing service.
Verify that the files did transfer correctly.
Delete the original files from the old storage.