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I have a number of google accounts.

I had whatsapp on my laptop and my odo phone.

My oddo phone broke. So I pulled out my other phone a Moto phone.

I put my sim card in the Moto Phone and a message and installed whatsapp, and came up on my phone giving me an option to restore , mentioning one of my google accounts, and saying it was 500MB and I wouldn't be able to restore later if I didn't now.

I said no (because it's all loaded on my laptop anyway.

Then a thing came up on my laptop asking me to take an image of the barcode for my phone to link it or something liek that. I did that. But now both the computer and the laptop show all my whatsapp groups as blank with no messages from anybody.

None of this makes any sense to me.


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Feb 4, 2018
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WhatsApp on your laptop is linked to and pulls all of the messages from your phone. After you set up your new phone with your WhatsApp account you had to link it again with your laptop. Since your refused to restore the messages on the new phone, your laptop doesn't have anything to pull from it. You might be able to get the option to restore again if you uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp, assuming you did not do a new backup in the meantime that would overwrite the old ones.

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