Lousy Update of an app!!!


Nov 29, 2010
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OK. I kow I am fixated on this single thing but I must resolve this.

When I first go the Optimus S, I got it coause I thought it was just a baby Evo without a front camera....and it was free.

If I would have known the EVO has the "personal call history" in call log and the LG did not, I would have NEVER got the LG.

I tried every app I could find to let me go to call log, and long press a number and have an option to "see call history" for that one number..

SHOULD BE SIMPLE. My basic little Instinct had it....even sms rolled in there too....but they couldn't have that in the basic android software.

So I tried many and only found Advanced Call Log (by NickyCho).
This was almost perfect. At least it let me see the history for any number I chose.
It STILL would not show the currrent call until AFTER I ended that call. THIS almost defeats the purpose.

I was gettting by with Advanced Call Log until I did the update to 1.2.2.
Now it is worthless and shows no calls at all.
I have spent hours trying to get it to work or find a similar one.

I know I am an idiot in this area...Please help.
How do I get the old version back. I can find it but every QR code takes me to version 1.2.2


This is a BIG deal for me to have a phone that I can go to log DURING a CALL and see when this number has called me etc.

I am going to go play with phones a sprint and see which ones do this and throw this lg in the trash if I can't get it figured out.

I am frustrated and at wits end.

This should be a basic part of the factory android call log. Why can't I get the evo's log software on this phone??


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Jan 2, 2011
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It looks like others were having the same issue with the app. There is a new version 1.2.3 that may address the issue you and others are having. Check market for new version.

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