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Apr 5, 2010
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I've been out of the tablet game for a while admittedly. I had an ipad 2 way back in the day, and had a short fling with one of the original asus transformer pads. I gave up on tablets as being something I needed in my life with my phone and computer being able to accomplish everything I need. That said, this thing has been taunting me for months. The size, stylus, nvidia streaming tech (I need a way to get my steam games to my tv without having to get a separate computer just to sit under my tv), the quick updates, and nvidia grid are all just enough to make me want this thing.

NVIDIA's black friday deal for the 32gig LTE version has me thinking of buying that one (unless someone's heard of any other black friday deals out there?). I have no idea how LTE works on tablets now-a-days though. Is this one of the deals where it just magically gets like 200mb of free data per month but then I can pay for more if I want it? Or do I need to actually take it into a carrier store of my choice and say, oh hey I got this tablet, will you put it on a data plan please?

I can't imagine I'll use LTE on a tablet a ton, but I want to research what the prices of those plans are if the latter is true before I make the decision.

Thanks for the help!


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Jul 5, 2010
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I believe T-Mobile will grant a small amount of free data on it. I assume it would work with go phone as well, which has some reasonable plans.

Also, you don't have to activate LTE at all of you prefer not to.

I believe it comes with an ATT sim card out of the box, but their data plans aren't that attractive imo.

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Sep 26, 2011
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Also, you don't have to activate LTE at all of you prefer not to.

That is excellent to know. I was just about to start a topic to ask, because I like the idea of the bigger storage, but did not want to use LTE. WiFi is fine for my purposes. But, it means I can get a plan in the future if I ever see a need for it.

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