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Jun 24, 2012
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MyScreen Live Wallpaper is a suite of beautifully crafted Christmas 3D Live Wallpapers, New Year 3D Live Wallpaper, Valentine 3D Live Wallpaper and a Regular 3D Live Wallpaper that offers much more excitement than ordinary wallpapers. It is the best free live wallpaper on Android market.

Imagine having to know the weather conditions such as Day, Night, Rain or Snow by just looking at the screen of your mobile phone. We know you can check all these by looking at your time piece or checking up the weather apps, but MyScreen Live provides these services in a much more fun way and with utmost ease - just glance at your phone screen and the image you see is what you get as per weather condition or time of the day!

The images & themes automatically change to reflect the weather condition: Day, Night, Rain and Snow.

The Theme categories are:
Regular, Christmas, New Year and Valentine


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