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Major Battery Drain on Phone using Moto 360


Aug 15, 2013
Like many, I'm sure, I took a plunge into the wearable world this weekend by picking up a Moto 360 at Best Buy thanks to their great little deal. I played with the watch off and on throughout the weekend, but was waiting to wear it out until I received some screen protectors I ordered from Amazon.

They arrived yesterday, and I got one installed last night, making today my first day out with the watch.

I had the watch off until 12 noon, because my phone was on airplane mode. At 12pm, I turned off airplane mode on my phone (Galaxy S4 at 100% battery) and turned on the Moto 360 (at 100% battery.)

The two connected, and i noticed both devices draining significantly. The watch has been on a few times, alerting me of emails and hangouts messages, but nothing more. My phone has had a grand total of 2 minutes, 33 seconds of SOT since 12pm and has dropped to 88%. Surprisingly, the biggest culprit is Android OS and Kernal, accounting for 19% and 13%, respectively. Meanwhile, Android Wear appears responsible for only 2.7%, but this type of drain certainly isn't normal for me, and the only thing I've changed is the addition of the watch. Likewise, the watch is sitting at 88% (auto brightness, ambient off), which isn't quite as concerning, as I know it'll need a couple of days and charge cycles to settle in.

Any recommendations here? I don't have any apps blocked from going to the Moto 360 right now, but I also don't have many apps that would push notifications to the watch anyway (GMail, Hangouts, Textra.) I do have two separate Gmail accounts (personal and work) and would like to send only the personal to the watch, but is that possible? It seems to only be able to block an entire app, not a specific account.


New member
Nov 9, 2014
I just bought a moto 360 this past weekend and connected it to a galaxy note 3. I'm having the same problem with the phone battery. With all the talk about smartwatch batteries, I thought I would have a battery problem with the watch not the other way around. My watch battery is lasting all day with no problems.

TJ Kelly Jr

Well-known member
Apr 22, 2015
Have you tried rebooting both the phone and watch? Could be that the phone is trying to push updates to apps to the watch now that it's off airplane mode. It could also just be a glitch. Whenever I've had severe drain on my watch, reboot fixed it. Same for phone. Never had your exact scenario, but that normally helps.

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Mar 24, 2012
My battery took a significant hit and the offender is google now. For one, unlike my pebble which pulled what it needed to the watch, google now knows what the user want (when you tell it, filling out sports teams, locations, ect) and actively pushes it. It does this like every 30 minutes. I found my biggest drain was I had allowed location finding to be high quality (GPS) so every 30 minutes it hit my GPS up. Since then I turned location accuracy down (for things like weather, the general accuracy of looking at network location is fine) and I reduced the number of things in google now to report back to me with.

Also if you setup google fit, that too is now crunching numbers at regular intervals.

I have a LG G Flex so the battery loss is tolerable now, I just miss having almost an extra day of juice left at night.

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