Make Google Voice work like it did on EVO 4G?


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May 9, 2010
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I had google voice on my EVO 4G and it worked as follows. Only when I made international calls would it kick in and give me the option to use GV or not. Canada calls were free. All other situations it stayed out of the way. When calls came in I would just hit the answer button and didn't have to hit any numbers. I had my voice on my outgoing VM. Visual VM was active.
Now, google voice on the EVO 3D. Everything goes through google voice. When you make an international call it doesn't indicate its through GV unless you don't have enough credit. You don't get the option to use the sprint network when you make an international call.
When you get an incoming call and hit answer, GV gives you the option to accept call by pressing number 1, reject call, or send to VM.
No longer do you have your voice on your outgoing VM message. You get the google female voice. GV transcribes your VM and SMS's it you.
Bottom line, I don't like how GV works on the EVO 3D, I liked how it worked on the 4G.
I had to call sprint to take it off, since uninstalling GV doesn't remove it. Sprint says it can't work like it did with the 4G.
Any suggestions? :confused::confused:


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Feb 9, 2011
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Thanks for your advice. I followed it and all "seems" to work. However, now my personalized greeting messages are now gone. I also can not seem to access them through the Google voice site. In short what the Hell is going on with Sprint & Google Voice?

Any advice, tips, help? Thanks in advance!


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May 17, 2010
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You also have to go to google voice settings via google voice website and disable the integration, then reinstall the app and skip the set up.
I did this with my Galaxy S II and now I'm confused as to how I get Google Voice to act as my voicemail provider AND keep both my Sprint AND Google Voice #s active because I use them for different purposes. I also want international calls only to go out. Thanks in advance.
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