Making a copy of an appointment


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Nov 16, 2009
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So here's what I want for Christmas (not my two front teeth) -- a way on my Droid to copy a calendar appointment.

I have some appointments which are almost regular and I'd like to have a quick way to create new ones. For example I have chiropractor appointment which comes up about every two weeks. Usually its on, say, Tuesday at 9:00am, but sometimes either my schedule or my doctor's changes a bit, so maybe one time it'll be Tuesday at 9:30am. Or 9:45am. Or Wednesday at 9:30.

I know I could set it up as a recurring appointment and just change the parameters, but I also like to maintain the backwards continuity of the calendar, so changing the recurrence is a no-go.

Is there 1) a way to copy appointments that I'm completely missing on the phone (on Google Calendar there's a "duplicate" function -- that's EXACTLY what I want or 2) is there an app that either adds this functionality to the standard calendar or replaces the calendar altogether? I've tried hunting around in the in Market without much luck, but that could just mean that I'm not good at searching.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Jan 3, 2010
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On the Eris, I can change a single instance of a repeating calendar entry (as you can on Google Calendar on the web.) In other words, if I have a regular, every two week appointment at 9 am Wednesdays, I can set a specific instance to happen at 9:30am without affecting past appointments or future ones. I know that HTC customized hte calendar app for Sense. Can you not do that on the Droid?


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Dec 16, 2011
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Found this thread ... and can't believe in ICS we still can't copy/paste an appointment. Something MS Outlook (for Windows, PocketPC, and beyond) has had for over a decade. Do we REALLY have to install a separate calendar app just to get that??:(