Many incompatible apps on Xiaomi Mi Mix 2


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Aug 28, 2018
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I could really use some help here. I just bought a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and there are quite a few apps that turn up a "App not installed" error when i try to install them.

I'm currently running lineage os 15.1 without gapps.

Here's what I've tried:

1. Moving apk to system/app and changing permission to force install as a system app. The app shows up, but crashes on launch.

2. Flashing MiUI 9 and 10, with gapps. Play store simply says the apps are incompatible with my device. Direct apk install same error as before.

3. I tried editing build.prop because i thought maybe i could trick the phone into thinking the app was compatible. No change (Though i might have made a mistake on this one, i dunno)

4. Since the apps wouldn't even run as system apps, I didn't wanna start trying to install from USB. Didn't seem that would fix anything, let me know if I'm wrong :)

5. I tried flashing the latest firmware from . No change.

The apps that do not work include:
Facebook messenger
Swiftkey keyboard - and 3 other keyboard apps i tried (So now I'm stuck with default)
Monese (My banking app)

Some of these are really annoying to be missing, though i did find that Disa works for facebook. Spotify, keyboard and monese really sucks to be missing.

I'd say about 20% of my apps failed to install, with all keyboard apps failing to install. Except one, which then crashes upon launch. Maybe it's because keyboard apps are so deeply integrated into the ROM.

Also USB OTG is not working, but that's a minor issue campared to the above. Could just be a bad adapter.

Could i replace the kernel? Would that help?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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May 9, 2018
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Global version or Chinese version? I have the global version and I haven't had any trouble with any of the apps that I've downloaded including several of the ones you've mentioned.

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