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Feb 21, 2011
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Hi guys,
I'm switching from an Iphone 3GS to and Evo 4G, and there is one feature that I am having a hard time figuring out.

With the Iphone, I could stand at a friends house, open map, drop a pin on my location, then link that pin to my friends contact information. From that point on, I could simply type a friends name when asking maps for direction, and everything worked great. I could also send these pins to my friends, to let them know where some meeting spot was, or so they could look up directions to wherever I happened to be. I tend to travel a good bit, and constantly find myself in places I don't know too much about, so this feature was very handy.

With the Evo, Maps will accept a name of a contact and give me directions (the directions feature is much better than it is on the Iphone) however I have to physically type their address into the contact list. I can't seem to find a way to just drop a pin. Likewise, pins that other people send me come in as a V-Card, that "successfully downloads" whenever I click on it, and then seems to disappear. I can't even find a way to copy and paste an address from messages if they happen to physically type it out for me.

Does anyone know how to perform any these functions? Is there some other app I need to get to accomplish this?

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