Market is slow


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Oct 23, 2010
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My bionic gets great download speeds on 4g speedtest. and im in a great 4g area

but when i am downloading an app from market im only getting like 300k per second.

On my charge it was over a meg or two per second.

Anyone else notice this??

Maybe update coming.


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May 24, 2010
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i am running into the same thing. speedtest performs awsome, well above 10Mbps. But the Market download speeds do not exceed 800kbps at all. Unless I am on wifi at home and then the phone will pull apps well above 2Mbps. I hope this is just a radio issue and a fix will be coming soon. Becuase what good does LTE do if i can not utilize it in downloading things. Email attachments I can download with no "speed caps". ( what I mean is there is no limit to the speed the attachments download at. I pulled a 12.6MB power point presentation in 3-4 seconds.) So I believe this might be a radio issue and will be fixed with the next update. ( wishfull thinking I guess...)