Marshmallow + Samsung, moving apps to portable SD card

Jorge Drumond Silva

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Jan 6, 2016
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So I've understood that Samsung has blocked the new Marshmallow feature of adopting the SD card as internal storage. And besides rooting your phone - which I do not want to do - there's not much one can do about it.

With Android versions up to 5 I've always used the SD Card as portable storage, where I would save photos, music and move the apps that allowed it, to save space on the main storage. Up to Android 5 the Application Manager option on the Setting menu even had a "Move to SD Card" tab specifically for managing apps back and forth between the main storage and the portable one. Besides that, the App info was very clear on how much of the data and the app itself was moving to the SD Card and how much was staying back in internal storage, so that the user could compute everything very clearly.

After I upgraded to Marshmallow this is all gone. Although on Samsung I'm being forced to use the SD Card only as portable storage, which is what I had always done, I though there would not be many differences. But of course there are. The "Move to SD card" tab is gone from the Application Manager menu in the Settings, it seems fewer apps allow moving to the SD card than before (even some that did in Android 5 no longer seem to allow in Android 6) and the App info only shows totals for the app and data, but does not indicate clearly how much was moved to the SD card or stayed in main storage as before.

To make it all worse, every time an app updates - Snapchat being a clear example - the app moves back to internal storage. So one has to frequently (and manually) go through all the apps to see which ones have been moved back to internal storage with the updates, to move them back again to the SD card.

In other words, at least on Samsung devices, the SD card management became much worse after Marshmallow than it was before.

Is there any way around this? Would there be some external app that can manage, and provide all the detailed storage info, for moving apps to the SD card as one could do up to Android 5?



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Feb 15, 2017
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I have noticed the same problem. I have a galaxy S5 phone i i thought i was going crazy cause i used to be able to move and run apps from the micro sd card and now i can no longer do that. Have you found a workaround for this issue? I looked at appmover type apps and it seems you need to root your phone to be able to use those apps and i really don't want to root my phone.


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