May seem a little far fetched extended battery + case question


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May 26, 2011
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Sooooo, as all of us epic touch owners know there are really no ways to currently ave a high end case with the use of an extended battery.

I have liked this phone since its release and finally purchased one from boost mobile.

Sooooo bare with me as i am adamant and very determined to not use the tpu case from trexcell.

I am looking at purchasing the seidio extended battery with the case extended case meant to be used with the galaxy nexus.

Looking at the physical dimensions of the phone it is only an idea that judging by the pictures found on netand the information that i have gathered into my mush computer (brain) id like to see if anyone has tried to modify the seidio extended galaxy nexus case to fit the extended battery back of the seidio extended battery backdoor on the epic touch 4g usig their 3500 or whatever battery that they currently sell. Anyone with a galaxy nexus extended case care to share physical dimensions of the inside of the case... Or care to share the physical dimensions of te outside of the seidio extended battery backdoor for the e4gt? Any help would be awesome.

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