Maze of Magic Online (mmo/puzzle/rpg), with real prizes (without in-app purchases)


Nov 8, 2014
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Maze of Magic online is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer online game) that will have you racing against other players on foot in a race for the exit of the maze! There can only be one winner in each magical maze race! Lead the world on the global leaderboard!
Build your own character and run the magical mazes against other players in real time!
Feel the adrenaline rush when you race against other players! Be careful, they can use their spells on you!
Learn spells to cast upon your opponents, find mystical objects that will help you through the maze, be the first and win!
Maze of Magic Online Features:
* Fun MMO
* Cool Characters
* Create your own character
* Awesome power ups and buffs
* Easily learn skills to cast upon your opponents
* Fast paced running game that will challenge your sense of direction and speed!
* The more races you run the more spells and achievements you will gain, good luck!
Maze magic online is awesome try it today!

The “First Seeker” tournament starts today in the Maze of Magic Online.
The winner of the tournament is the one who passes the Seeker’s challenge.
The prize for winning - gift card Amazon for $200.
But that’s not all. The first ten players to pass through the whole chain of mazes get gift cards for $10.
More info here: LuckyDroid • Real prizes while racing through a maze!
P.S. The game doesn’t contain internal purchases, and all players are on equal terms.

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