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Hi, recently ive noticed that when i send a message to someone it does not clear from the typing area after it's sent. So when i go to then send another message the previous text is still there after already being sent and read by the other person..its really annoying having to delete all the txt before typing a reply, and if not careful accidently press send...sending the previous msg again

Any ideas whats went wrong


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Dec 6, 2011
Welcome to Android Central.

We may need more information to help you.

What device do you have?

What app are you using?

What keyboard are you using?

Does this issue only happen in this one messaging app?

Does this happen if you fully open app, not using a popup or bubble, or does it only happen if you use a popup or bubble or does it happen either way?

If it happens when you're using a popup or bubble is the text still there if you open the app?

My only suggestion based on the information you've provided would be to clear the cache of the messaging app and the keyboard.

Let us know what you find and we'll try to help. To receive notifications when others reply to your thread and to leave comments of your own please take a minute to create an account. It will help you communicate and get help. This link will guide you through how to do that...

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