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Oct 4, 2014
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I received a multimedia message of just 50kb. It says it's downloading. It never does. It doesn't display. What is wrong?

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Feb 12, 2012
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Since the minimum size I've ever heard of (it depends on the carrier) is 1MB, that's strange. Have someone else, preferably on a different carrier than the first sender, send you an MMS. (It doesn't have to be anything in particular - a snapshot of the floor is as good as a Rembrandt.) If the sender is on an iPhone, have him make sure that when he sends the message, he marks it as an SMS. (iPhones use iMessage, which isn't compatible with the real world, it only works in the Alice in Apple-land world, so the app has to be told that it's sending a message to a normal phone or what it sends is garbage to your phone. [Apple claims to be working on the incompatibility issue. Alchemists claimed to be working on transmuting lead into gold. We'll see which happens first.)

Have someone on the same carrier send you an MMS. Have the original sender send you something different in an MMS. Have the original sender send you the same file again in another MMS. Have him send the same MMS to someone else using an Android phone.

Troubleshoot it one step at a time like that, until you find out what's failing. You have a symptom. Problems can be fixed, symptoms only point to possible problems. Once you've pinpointed the problem, the solution may become obvious, or you can post here again, asking for help with the particular problem.

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