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Messages are disappearing


New member
Jun 24, 2014
Hello All

This isn't the usual my S5 won't send or receive post!

About an hour ago I sent a message to a friend and the message disappeared after I sent it i.e. it doesn't appear in the chat history. I tried sending another one to the same friend and the same thing happened! About 3 minutes later I got a reply from her which I could see in the preview pane on my home screen and my messages icon got the little orange 1 on it to show I had a message. But when I went into messages there was no sign of the reply from her.

To make sure I wasn't going mad I've sent test sends and receives to two other people one of whom is definitely on a different network to me. So messages are going and replies are coming back in but when I go into the messages app it's like they never existed???

I've rebooted the phone including removing the battery and I've also cleared the cache for the messages app.At this point I'm stuck for ideas... any pointers or clues would be really helpful. The phone is on Vodafone and isn't tampered with or jail broken in any way. I'm using the standard supplied Messages application for text and MMS messaging.

I don't know if it's relevant but the 3 friends in question all have iPhones? I've successfully sent and received a text to and from a non-iPhone??? HOWEVER I've got another friend with an iPhone 5S and we're exchanging texts fine. And no I've not recently transferred over to the S5 from an iPhone! I had an S4 before the S5 for 2 years!

Thanks in advance for your help
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