Messenger working strange in 3T

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Why is the Facebook Messenger app on my OnePlus 3T misbehaving? I can't upload any media and play video when someone sends me one in the inbox. Also, after a while of reinstalling it, I can't even react to other people’s messages. Is it problem with Oreo update? What to do now


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Feb 12, 2012
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Any time there's a problem with a Facebook app, assume it's the app - bet that way and the odds favor you. It's not Oreo - no one else is having the problem.

(And what exactly is "upload media ... when someone sends me one in the inbox"? In the Facebook inbox? In your email inbox? Upload to where?)


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Sep 29, 2018
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Facebook inbox..In my messenger app, I can't send any type of media(like photos,videos or recordings) Also if a message comes with a video in it, I can't play it in messenger app and if a photo is sent to me the app shows "Downloading photo" as a message rather than showing the photo