microphone stops working when plugged into audio jack

Cliff C

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May 30, 2012
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Samsung Stratosphere. Okay....this takes a few more words than usual to describe. When I first got my Strat, I wanted to use it as an MP3 player connecting it by a 3.5 cable to my car stereo through its auxiliary jack. One day someone called while I was listening to music and could hear the ring and person talking through speakers...really cool...I swiped screen to answer with phone still plugged in and said "hello." To my enormous surprise, the other person heard me...So, I figured along with all the other cool features this droid has, that was the best one.
Then, one day my wife called and I did what I had done a dozen times before, but this time she couldn't hear me...
Did some checking with plugging and unplugging audio cable while engaged in test calling and determined the microphone was getting disabled when I plugged in cable to auxiliary jack on phone.
Have I somehow created this by inadvertently changing some setting or is this the result of some app, which I have only downloaded a few, or a software upgrade I am unaware of...or is the phone broken...everything else on the phone works fine...I am all eyes, as opposed to ears.

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