Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Unlocked 256gb

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Dec 29, 2010
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Item Description: Microsoft Surface Duo 2
Price: 1100 shipped
Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked
Condition: Good
Includes: Box, DBrand skin (installed)
Item Location: 60060
Shipping Details: USPS w/tracking and signature confirmation
Payment Options: Venmo (1st choice) or Paypal

I won this in an Instagram giveaway. I never win those things :D I used it for a few weeks, but it's just not for me. Nothing wrong with it, just that the Pixel works better for what I need a smartphone to do. The dual screens are actually pretty cool, app grouping is a really nice feature, reading Kindle books on it is a really cool experience. Has a couple of minor scuffs on the backside, obviously with the DBrand skin on I can't take pics of those. I put the skin on for protection and to add some grippiness - the stock surface is slick and a fingerprint magnet. The minor scuffs are the only "wrong" thing, otherwise I would have bumped the Condition level up a notch.

Ideally looking to sell, but what would I consider in trade? A newer modern iPad, iPhone 13 Pro (I know, long shot :D ) Pixel 6 Pro, maybe even a Surface Pro, depending on age, probably nothing less than a 6. But if you have an offer, make it. Worst I will do is politely decline. But lets be real, don't offer me your BlackBerry collection, even if you do throw in your Windows Phone collection to sweeten the pot :D

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