Miracast Driver for Android 11

Jah Walmart

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Mar 18, 2022
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Rewind 5-6 years ago, and it was really easy to Miracast from your Android device to a Windows PC, Roku, and a bunch of other device. So now it's super confusing because there are a ton of YouTube videos making it look simple, but they are 5+ years old, and don't work on Android 11.

At some point Google ripped out Miracast in favor of Chromecast. Which I get, they want to own the living room and track everything you watch, no surprises there.

But what does surprise me is that I can't find is an app from a private developer that provides the same functionality. In searching online, I've found hundreds of posts with confused users that simply want to stream from their Android phone to the TV in their home or hotel room without a Chromecast. So far as I can gather, these are devices based on the Miracast & Wifi Direct standard.

Yes, it does appears that some handset manufactures like Samsung appear to be adding a Miracast driver to their Android handsets (Samsung has "Smart View"). But many other's don't and just say "...use Chromecast for wireless streaming" which is pretty lame.

Is anyone aware of a reputable app that univerally supports Miracast? There are a million apps in the app store that say they do it, but it's not true. They're just making it easier to discover Wifi Direct devices on your network, but they aren't doing the hard part of capturing & redirecting the video to the Wifi Direct connection.

FYI: I know this is possible programmatically because I did find a few apps that do screen mirroring to a PC. But they require proprietary apps on the other end. So instead of using Wifi Direct & Miracast, they're just creating regular TCP/IP connections (which is inherently laggy). I even found a pretty cool DisplayLink driver that allows you to stream to an HDMI connection even if your phone doesn't support HDMI-out (PM me if you would like details).

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