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Apr 24, 2010
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One thing I've noticed while watching many recent reviews on the Galaxy Gear vs Gear 2 is that a lot of the information they're giving is incorrect. It's obvious they've never owned a Galaxy Gear. They're just basing their information on what others have said.

1) Many are saying that the Gear 2 now has a physical home button. You no longer have to swipe back from the top of the screen numerous times in order to get back to the home screen.
The original Galaxy Gear already had this feature. The home button is on the side of the device. It has the same function as the Gear 2. Pressing it will take you back home. All they did was move it from the side to the front.

2) They're pointing out that the microphone has been moved from the bottom of the clasp to the body of the watch, and we no longer have to speak into the bottom clasp. The microphone has always been located on the body of the device. All they did was move the speaker from the clasp to the body.

3) They're claiming we no longer have to charge our Gear after 25 hours. After the most recent updates, the original Gear can get 3-4 days of use off a single charge.

No wonder many people gave the original Gear poor reviews on they're blogs. It's obvious they don't own one. They're all jumping on board the Gear 2 just because it's new, and everyone saying it's better.

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Feb 16, 2014
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That's why I do my product research from manufacturer specs and leave the speculation and bad reviews out of it. I have bought a lot of products with bad reviews that worked for my needs and never had issues. Most consumers really don't take the time to study or learn how the product works or expect more from it than they paid for.

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Feb 9, 2011
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There are many tech bloggers who do an excellent job at reviewing products, but there are probably an equal or greater amount who are just down right irresponsible or are pushing an agenda.

For this reason I barely read product reviews from the so called experts because most do not own the device out right, and rarely do they put up their own hard own cash for the products they review.

I like to read the forums because, except for the commenter's who also do not own the device, most people who have taken the time to buy the device are more honest and an unbiased opinion is likely.

Many Gear owners really liked the smartwatch, and the comments in the forums mostly reflect that. However, many so called review experts had an unwarranted expectation of what they thought Samsung should do and when the product was announced and it didn't fit their own idea, saw the need to unjustly bash it.

I like AC and other tech sites, but I mostly follow them because you can learn so much in the forums. The reviews, for the most part, I find a waste of time.

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Jan 18, 2012
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Sorry but I'm get nothing close to 3-4 days without charging. 36 hours tops. Maybe if I turned off notifications but what would be the point of that? Might as well had gotten a Timex.

Jay Sacks

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Dec 23, 2012
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If I turn the power off at night I can easily go 3 days before it needs charging.

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