Missing EXIF data on photos and videos - anyone else?

Eleanor Glanville

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Aug 9, 2013
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First time posting here so hope I'm in the right place!

I've had my HTC One since March and have only now got round to organising all the fabulous pictures and videos I've taken with it, only to discover that it the jpgs and mp4s only have the 'date modified' field filled with a date. The key 'date created' field is empty.

I import all my photos and videos into Lightroom to catalogue and process. Of course, when the files are imported, the 'date modified' field is updated and I lose any reference as to when the photo/video was taken. Only wish I'd discovered this earlier, doh!

I've been trawling google for anyone else with a similar problem but can only find one instance of the same issue with some who had a HTC One S, last year. No resolution still.

I've submitted a ticket to HTC as I've just had a webchat to them and they said, 'don't know, we'll get back to you next week'. I don't doubt that they will but while I'm waiting for a response, could anyone else shed any light or advice please?

Any, any help gratefully received! Thanks