Missing Google Play Store, but loving the BB OS 10!


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Aug 11, 2011
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Like the title says.. I'm really missing the Google Play Appstore.. But im loving the OS the Z10 has. I switched over b.c i wanted to try something new..

I've had and owned, Galaxy Phones, HTC Phones, iPhones, and Motorola Phones.. I've toyed with Sony's and LG's as well, but this is soo new and, well intuitive.. the gesture based OS is awesome, and BBRY Hub is just genius! As well as the Keyboard.. The Gestures really make this phone.

But.. Because of the lack of Google Services, and the Appstore sucking soo much.. Im deff returning the phone.. and will just wait it out for the Moto X since BBRY is dying and I doubt anyone will try to code for the sinking ship since they just announced the alternative strat.