Missing letter on my phone keypad, how can I get it back?


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Mar 2, 2016
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missing letter on my phone keypad

I have been on the American Motorola forum but they can't help me so i hope that you can .. i have not had any trouble with my Moto G until a couple of months ago when i tried to post on Facebook and a letter on the keypad of my mobile would not appear.I was told to reset the phone and this MAY solve the problem but it didn't work !!!! I purchased the phone from Tesco and they have told me that they will send iy back to motorola to be repaired f.o.c. but i need my phone and i don't want to be without it for a week .. has anyone else had this problem ?

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Re: missing letter on my phone keypad

Hello Tony, welcome to the forums! What keyboard are you using? Just to be sure, you mean that the letter appears on your keyboard but not in the message when you type, right? Does the same problem persist if you type with the phone rotated to landscape mode? Have you already tried using a different keyboard like SwiftKey?