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Nov 15, 2010
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Well, with the pushback of the release of the SG3, it looks like the decision of whether to keep this phone or swap has been made for me (I'll be outside of my 30 day BB return window). Since it's officially a keeper, thought I would share my thoughts. I have seen how this usually plays out so I've also added the solution for those that are going to reply "OMG you are so <<insert random unrelated insult>>, you can just <<insert app/fix that works for their specific needs>>. Go be an iSheep"

I love about 80% of this phone. What I love, I truly do. The build is PERFECT, the screen, the kickstand, the weight. The battery is large enough that I haven't had the "I wish I could swap for an extended" thoughts that I thought I would originally. I've had an OG Evo and a EVO 3D. Very satisfied with both, and this is a fine update in nearly every way.

And then there is that 20%. This is what people mean when they say the experience is more than the sum of it's parts. Of the top of my head, here are the things that just subtract from that experience (no pun intended) for me:

**Why are there 'hidden' apps installed? Why put Polaris office on there, if I can't start it myself? The same with Soundhound and TuneIn... Collapsing them into the music folder is fine, but why not also show them in the app drawer? And why bother hiding the 'download' app? What possible good does that do? [Fix: Install ES Explorer or Shortcut maker to create shortcuts directly to apps, hidden or otherwise, they add to your screens, not your app drawer though]

**The mail app is just bad... No way to default to show pictures by person or globally, no zoom, and no way to go from item to item without going back... [Fix: Use Gmail as your mail client, which you can set to send/receive from another account]

**Messaging and Email font sizes change without user input... I've had micro text, billboard size text, all while the phone insists that it's on 'medium'. I know it can be resized on the fly with pinch-to-zoom, but this isn't what's doing it... [Fix: Use alternative messaging and email clients]

**Lack of menu button... I've said it in another thread, but I think they moved away from the menu button too quickly here. Make all the lofty abstract arguements that you like, the reality is that 90% of the apps are not off of the menu button yet. That means for most applications, I have the same size screen as my OG Evo (though so much better...:p) This applies to apps that were included on the phone (e.g. Voicemail). With the SG3 having one, and almost guaranteed to become the top phone this year, I don't see the 'push to update' happening. Again, I'm all for this in a academic sense, but from a practical one, I just don't see it. [Fix: Flash menu button remap]

**Google Wallet Fiasco... There is a whole thread on this one, so I'm not rehashing... It's just not working. [Fix: Root & Change phone ID to nexus]

**Multitasking and/or Sense Reloads... Again, I don't even feel the need to rehash everything that's been said about it. But I will just leave it as... Something is wrong if I can't use my RSS reader, go to the net to look at the full article, use the dedicated multitasking button and pick back up where I left off in my reader... It's just broken. Again, maybe not from an academic/technical standpoint, but from a practical user one, it's broken. [Fix: Move to non-sense or maybe optimized ROM]

I thought that this EVO would be the one. I thought it would be the one where I could recommend an android phone without reservations. It's not. There are way too many "well, you have to do X to get Y" to be that. I can work around all these problems myself, as I'm sure you (a Android forum reader) can... but most won't. They will just swap it out for something that works as advertised/better fits their needs and keep moving... That makes me sad, because they are going to miss out on 80% of a great phone...
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