Mixed results with Note 7 era (2016) Samsung wireless charger?

the block

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Nov 17, 2011
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I have this charger that I bought back when I in 2016 when I got the Note 7 and then continued using it for almost 2 years with the S7 Edge. It's always worked well. However, I've been using it so far with my Note 9 with mixed results. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it in the right position to start charging, and other times it does begin charging but when I re-check it a couple minutes later the blue light at the bottom is blinking and it's not charging anymore.

The Note 9 is a much bigger phone so maybe there is just less room for error? Is there a different wireless charger that is bigger and has more margin of error that anyone could recommend? I'm not tied to official OEM chargers. I do prefer the standing chargers compared to the pads you just lay the phone down on however.

Thank you!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Hold the charger and phone vertically (over a bed in case you drop the phone) and move the phone around, noting where the center of the charger is, relative to the phone, as the light goes on. (In other words, find the "circle of charge" of the phone.) Then you'll know what part of the rear of the phone has to be in relation to the charger for it to charge. I don't have a Note 9, so I can't tell you, but it might be the center of the phone or it might be off-center.

But once you've "marked the area on the phone - but in your mind", you'll be able to drop the phone in the right spot every time. And it shouldn't take you 2 minutes to find the entire circle.


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Jan 21, 2015
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Like was already said, there is a sweet spot zone that will work best for wireless charging. I am using the charger I got with my Note 8 and have a SupCase UB Pro (fairly thick case) on my Note 9 and I can charge so long as I am in the sweet spot.