Mobile Defense real-time tracking reviewed - Protect your phone from theft and loss


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Dec 20, 2009
Mobile Defense Real-Time Tracking for Android Phones

Looking for that added security to protect your Android phone investment? This is the app you?ve been looking for and a must have for Android phone users.

Mobile Defense hides itself once you install the app and activate it via SMS confirmation. There are no screenshots of the actual application except for the install screen above. Below is a screenshot of the tracking dashboard which uses Google Maps. I tried it and it tracked my phone right down to my exact address. Imagine having your phone stolen and showing up at the thief?s door? I?d rather notify the local authorities and let them do the recovery work.


If your phone gets stolen all you have to do is log into the Mobile Defense website. The GPS on your phone lets you track its location. You can also send a message and loud audible tone(like a loud car alarm) to the phone. It works even if the ringer volume is off. The same process also works if you lose your phone. I know several friends that could use something like this. The beauty of Android is there?s an app out there for almost anything and more added every day.

This is a must have for all you new Android Phone users and those who haven?t found this free jewel. Do you have Mobile Defense installed? Have you used it to find or retrieve your Android phone? If so please feel free to comment below.

You can download this app direct to your android phone. Just scan the QR code below with Barcode Scanner application from Android Market:


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Jan 3, 2010
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I have it installed and, except for testing, I (most thankfully) have had no need for it. I hope that I never will.


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Dec 14, 2009
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Have they taken this off the market as the barcode doesn't come up with anything?

just search "Mobile Defense" in the market... not very difficult.

I love having the Mobile Defense App! I have tested it multiple times with different locations and it tends to be very accurate, sometimes though it does show me as a few blocks away from where I am (In philadelphia with the grid pattern and small blocks is when this happens most)

Also the ability to send a message to the phone and sound an alarm has come in handy more than once when i forgot where i left my phone in my house, even if it's on vibrate i'm able to sound the alarm and find it within moments :D

My one complaint is that if i chose to have the unlock pattern on my phone disabled.... and use mobile defense to "enable lock pattern" any lock patter entered will work. This is rather annoying because i would love to just not have a lock pattern (entering it everytime i put my phone on standby is annoying.... anyone know of an app that allows me to delay it's onset like a BB???) at all and then if i misplace my phone or it is stolen to be able to sign on and have it locked an secure would be a great addition, because of this the ability to lock or unlock my phone using Mobile Defense seems rather pointless.

Awesome application overall and a great concept, the success stories on the site alone should convince everyone to use it, a must have.