[MOD] Revamped Nexus Live Wallpaper!


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Oct 9, 2011
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I DID NOT make ANY element of this live wallpaper. I simply patched together elements from two different wallpapers (the stock CM7 Nexus LWP, and the LG ZVJ update LWP). Credit goes to the CyanogenMod Team, LG, and Google (of course).

I saw the official LG ZVJ update Nexus Live Wallpaper looked pretty cool, with varying particle lines (you can see what I mean in the screenshots) that were different than the stock Nexus one (one like this screenshot, NOT taken by me). So I decided to try to do a mashup of the two wallpapers, plus a little bit of a CM7 touch.

So here it is! You should be able to simply push into /system/app, no permissions needed. This DOES overwrite the CM7 Nexus LWP on thekraven's CM7.2 ROM. Also, I've only tested on thekraven's CM7.2 ROM. I don't see why it wouldn't work on other Gingerbread ROMs that support LiveWallpapers though.



*note*- the LWP preview on the picker is messed up, it looks like a blue particle from the wallpaper- if anyone can manage to fix this, go ahead :) I personally don't have much experience, I made this wallpaper by pretty much mashing parts of the wallpapers together haha :D
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