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Nov 8, 2009
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To preface this, I have had a Iphone 3G, Palm Pre, HTC Hero, played witha Droid for 2 hours and now the Moment.

The Good:
1. Very good sound quality for calls, speaker phone and the audio out. Music is Superior on the Moment as compared to the Hero.

2. Speed. The Moment is generally fairly nimble. It renders web pages very quickly. Much faster than the Hero, iphone3g. Similar to Droid and Pre.

3. Amoled Screen. With the exception of the blue tint(Hope they can fix this with firmware update), this screen is beautiful. It wil not work with the full sun blasting on it, but I have yet to have such a screen for any device. The color saturation is brilliant. This screen is much better than the screen on the Droid. My biggest disappoinment in the Droid was the screen. The higher res is nice, but it really didn't make much of a difference for day to day use and surfing the web. You still had to zoom in to read anything. I guess it may matter if you play a lot of games.

3. Battery life on mine seems very respectable so far. Better than the Hero and Pre. I am still breaking it in.

4. The touch screen sensitivity is definitely better than the Hero.

5. The keyboard is very good. I am not sure why iy gets bashed by so many reviewers. I use a lot of numbers, so I appreciate the number row. I had no problem adjusting to the layout. I find it very roomy and comfortable, unlike the Pre.

The Bad:

1. The design of this phone is uninspiring. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this phone seems unnecessarily big and dated. It is simply too thick when you consider it's height and width dimensions. Make no mistake, this phone is a brick. I feel Samsung and Sprint did not try hard enough on what could have been an exceptional phone. The hero was better executed physically. Verizon did a superior job with the Eris and Droid. Forget what they look like, they are both thin and understated. The fit and finish is there.

2. Amoled blue tint. For some this may be a deal killer. Once you are aware, it is hard to ignore. White does not exist on this phone. This is a real shame, because otherwise it is a fabulous screen, but it is no Zune HD.

3. Android lags. This phone still suffers from lagging. However, unlike the Hero, it is much more occasional. This phone is yearning for 2.0.

4. This phone is very weak on the software side. But other than the mediocre contacts, I don't really care. 2.0 should fix this.

Overall I really like the Moment, but the brick aspect of it is hard to get past. They should have made it all black so it would give the illusion of being less of a brick.

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