Monster M7 tablet - anyone have one?


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Dec 28, 2010
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So I'm looking for a tablet for my kids and decided to buy two Monster M7 tablets from Walmart since they are only $80 each. The major complaints I see online is something to do with the USB port on the tablet being loose and getting "pushed into" the tablet or something like that.

Does anyone have one of these or know any more about what the problem really is? If the problem really is that the port isn't installed well, maybe it's possible to open the shell and just put some super glue in there to hold it in place to insure it doesn't come loose and stop charging?

I contacted Monster (or whoever really supports their tablets) and they acknowledged there is a problem with some of the tablets but was told "it's an inexpensive tablet, you have to expect there to be some problems" which is about the worst support answer I've ever received since they basically say We know it's a bad part but we don't really care...

Anyway, it looks like a great tablet for the price but I want to take any precautions I can to make sure it doesn't have a problem with that port breaking.


May 19, 2010
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I was like you as well. I almost didn't pruchase these due to the number of complaints about the charging port. I took a chance and I purchased two of these in January for my 4yr old and 6 1/2 yr old. I haven't had any problems with the usb charging port so much as the charging cord. It appears that the two little pins on each side of the usb connector on the cord eventually push down and don't spring back up. Therefore it makes a very loose connection when plugged into the tablet itself. I confirmed this by taking a good cord I use to charge my Note 3 and it had a snug fit when plugged into the tablet. Also, about 1 month ago (out of the blue) I got a package in the mail from monster. When I opened it up, there was a new cord with a note attached that stated there is a problem with the old cord and to discard it and use the new cord they had sent. So apparently others had figured out the same thing as i did, that it is the cord and not so much the connector on the tablet.

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