Moto G 2014 - The phone needs an exorcism! Who can perform one?


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Moto G 2014 - The phone needs an exorcism! :O

My girlfriend bought a Moto G 2014 - 1063 a while ago. After a few months she got the Lollipop update. Everything was working fine for a few days, and than it got possesed! No, I'm joking, the phone has a black screen all the time. You cannot boot it, start it, charge it, nothing. When I plug it into the computer and try pressing the power button the computer starts installing the driver but it disconnects a few seconds after that.

I tried different cables and chargers

And one more thing the phone gets very very hot around the bottom speaker close to the usb port BUT only when i try to start it up.

Any ideas?

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Maybe there's an app going wild. You could try a couple of things. If you manage to use the phone go directly to settings - battery and see if there's an app using a lot of juice. If so, uninstall it straight away. I had a similar experience a long time ago and it took me several tries.

Another possibility could be booting the phone into safe mode and see if the problem persists.

I recommend you to create an account in this forum and then we could help you with this process.

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Jun 10, 2014
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It sounds as if the battery, or the USB port and any associated circuitry inside the phone, may be faulty. Either that, or some other hardware fault. If the phone was bought new, and has not been dropped or otherwise damaged, it ought to be replaceable under the terms of the warranty.

Edit: posted same moment as above post.

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