Moto G refuses to STOP vibrating nonstop? Help?


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I've had my Moto G since 2014, and have kept it in good condition. No weather or water damage, virus check daily, and have a app to protect it entirely.
So I was on YouTube watching a video when suddenly, out of no where, my phone started to vibrate. And vibrate. And vibrate. I went to the settings, turned vibration off on everything, messed with my ringer and keyboard, tapped it a couple times, turned it off and on. I can't take the battery out because it is built in where I can't.
I'm typing this from this exact phone, as it vibrates in my hands, in hopes that it can be saved?
Help anyone :(

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
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Welcome to the forums. Have you already tried booting into safe mode? This process will temporarily disable all third party apps that you downloaded. Tell us how it goes.