Moto G switches off by itself, overheating or battery calibration, what is wrong?


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May 20, 2018
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My Moto G is switching off by itself pretty much whenever I use it a little more, or sometimes just as I start using it. Even if I have 45% battery it suddenly shows 0% battery and switches off. After it has switched itself off, it behaves as if it had no battery, meaning that I can only switch it on and have it on afterwards, if putting it on charge/with powerbank. Means for majority of the time, to use it, I need to connect it to powerbank, which is crazy. Even when connected to powerbank, it is often living its own life, lagging, responding inappropriately, or suddenly closing apps. Yesterday it switched off 7 times, and since I also have internal SD card that works as internal memory, I also see that it reacts on this constant switching off, and for a short while, when powering on, shows as not being read, which means I'm afraid even the SD is gonna be damaged in the end.

I was thinking it could be that battery isnt calibrated properly, but I have had the phone for almost a year and had no problems before. This whole switching off started a couple of days ago out of thin air.

The phone gets warm, so I'm wondering can it be overheating? Lagging and app closing could indicate that. We have summer here and 20C, but a phone should be able to survive 20 degrees Celsius one would think. I dont even play games on it.

I have had batteries dying on two Samsung Galaxies, and there I see battery going rapidly down, not just jumping from 40% to 0%.

Would factory reset help? The same problem persists in Safe mode as well, I tried. Dont really know how to proceed. Would charging to full 100% and then going down to 0% (dunno how as I cant even start it without powerbank) and again to 100% help? Could it be battery calibration problem?? Any advice appreciated.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like the battery is failing. Is the phone under warranty, or did you buy it used? If it's still under warranty, contact Lenovo. Otherwise, bring it to a repair shop and get the battery replaced.