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Moto g3 (2015) wont connect to pc to transfer files

ryanL 1

New member
Jun 19, 2016
Hi, recently I bought a moto g3 (2015) and i formatted the SD card to internal because i needed the extra app storage (doing that i know i am not able to plug it back into my pc because it is encrypted for the phone only). I tried formatting it to external storage so i can have access to my photos and music and transfer files to and from my pc to my sd card then onto my phone. however when i do that i am not able to store apps on it once it is put back into the phone. I have decided that i need to keep it on internal storage for apps and find another way to transfer my music videos and pictures from my pc into the phone. first i tried the obvious route plugging my phone into the pc. the phone was not recognized by my computer and the only thing that popped up on my screen was that it was charging. i know that there should be a notification that says i select MTP (media transfer protocol) and that did not appear either. In the developer options i toggled usb debugging from on to off then back on and i changed MTP to charging only then to picture transfer then back to MTP. I also toggled developer options from on to off then back on and none of this seemed to work. now i am left with a phone that will not read on my computer and no way to transfer my files to the phone because the sd is formatted as internal storage and i want to keep it that way (i know i can reformat it back but i want to keep it internal)

Also, it may help that my moto g3 is the 8gb variant and it is currently running 6.0.0 MM out of the box with no updates (ive only had the phone a few days)

Thanks for any help!

PS. tried clearing app data for media and device or something along those lines and rebooting the phone and waiting for the new files to develop then plug it into my pc and that does not work either

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Are you using the original USB cable? Have you already tried a few different cables?

When you connect via USB and swipe down the notification panel, what shows up there?

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