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Moto X (2013) to Z3 compact a good choice?


Active member
Jan 9, 2011
I do not care for the 5"+ phones that are on the market right now and am in need of an upgrade from my Moto X (2013). Has anyone switched to the Z3c from this phone and is it still a viable choice at this point?


Well-known member
Aug 27, 2010
I'm like you in that I prefer a smaller phone. I did not directly switch from the MX13 to the Z3c but I have had both devices. To me, the Z3c is an awesome device...battery is nearly double what I was getting on the moto X. Things I liked better on the moto X? Motorola's customizations, the near stock UI and the way the curved back felt in my hand. I've had quite a few phones in the past year but keep coming back to the Sony. I really hope there is a Z5c on the horizon.

I play with my food


New member
Jul 8, 2015
Its the exact jump I made and dont regret it. Whilst the Moto X is a great phone the Z3c is all round better. I like the glass finish and the sony ui isnt that far from stock to make you hate it.
Battery life is great too considering the performance.


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May 31, 2011
Same reason why I bought z3 compact. Battery life and full of specs of its big bro. Was using iPhone 5s for awhile and have considered iPhone 6. I find iPhone 6 still a tad bigger for me.

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