Moto X 2014 Cyber Monday -negative Canadian experience


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Dec 12, 2014
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I had a cyber monday code to purchase a Moto X 2014 and am from Canada. Upon trying to order, I was told that I needed a US billing and shipping address. I followed these instructions and changed with my credit card company.

My next order was denied as I tried to ship to my US shipping address which is a parcel pickup address. I was then told by Motorola that their policy is not to ship to 3rd party receivers, PO Boxes or freight forwarders. The Motorola rep I spoke to said I need to just ship to a US residential address.

I tried that, got an email that my order was again cancelled. I asked why and they said that because I had placed multiple orders, that my credit card was flagged.

I am very frustrated that nobody could provide me with the right answer to what the right protocols are in a complete and concise manner to which I could order my phone. Instead I was stopped at every instance by very "fussy" safeguards to prevent fraud, these same safeguards are also preventing a legitimate customer from purchasing.

I've not spent a week trying to purchase this phone with no resolution in sight. I've got 3 more days until the code expires.

Anybody in Canada had success in ordering from Moto Maker without asking for a friend to pay for it?

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