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Moto X 2014 Help ME understand the GPS and maybe Google Now?


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Jun 24, 2011

Well the truth is on the M7 I had Google Now disabled. I wanna give it a chance but I'm finding my battery just draining on standby. My guess is a few things...

1) Google Now has been left on. Really I wanna try it but not at the expense of the battery life fully. I know it will drain more but its kinda crazy for what little my screen is on during the work day. I work in IT and my building isn't very GPS friendly.

2) I have my locations settings on DEVICE. There for I think it pulls a GPS location every time my screen comes on. However I run and I want the best GPS reading that I can get...

With that being said if I stick my location settings to Data/WiFi battery saving mode only will apps like Runkeeper STILL use my GPS? I'd like them too but Google services to just use the towers. Is that correct?

Also is there a way to tell Google now when to update its location? Other than when I launch an app like RunKeeper. Just wondering! Battery life is sorta driving me nuts here. Its also only been charged twice. It's become my main device as of Saturday! Otherwise I love it thus far! Battery is saying standby is using the most battery! Might stick it in airplane mode during work. Anyways I was wanting to understand the GPS better anyways.