Moto X (2014) or iPhone 6? I'm torn between the two. Advice?


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Nov 3, 2014
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I've posted here before a couple times, and did a few months ago for switching to a Android, this is where I'm at now.

I know this is primarily a Android forum and I'm going to mostly get pro-Android responses which I am fully expecting. Without turning into a flame/fanboy war I would like to maybe have some input, perhaps get swayed to a Moto X here. (Maybe?)

A little history but I'll keep it simple, I've primarily been a iPhone user dating back to the iPhone 3GS when I first got a smartphone. I've had every iPhone made since the 3GS, I've tried several Androids in between but I always returned them going back to iOS mostly for its polish and fluidity of the OS.

Although I'm getting more open to wanting to make a permanent jump to Android, I've been using the Moto X 2nd gen as my daily driver for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it, although curiosity finally sparked and I had a chance to try a iPhone 6 (not 6 Plus, I'm not into phablets). And now I'm honestly torn, between these two devices I don't think a decision has ever been more tough as far as smartphones go.

Lollipop finally feels like it has the fit, finish, and polish of iOS, I love material design and the new UI, coupled with the Moto X's moto display and software its a dream to use for everyday tasks. Google syncs with all my stuff pretty seamlessly here, I use gmail, keep, maps, chrome is my primary browser on both my desktop and laptop. I've always had a amiable disposition towards iOS because I've used iOS since its inception with the first generation iPod Touch, then transitioning to my 3GS, it feels at home for me. I've developed muscle memory for all the gestures and navigating through the UI.

The things I love about the Moto X is the stock experience with Motorola's amazing software baked into that almost feels like apart of stock android, I love the fact that the devices are about the same exact size (the moto x just being a little wider), yet being able to fit a whole half inch of screen on the display. The AMOLED display is really nice, colors really pop, although not as realistic or accurate as the iPhone 6, video playback and pictures of people look better. When I compare them side by side, the iPhone has a much cooler display but the accuracy is a lot better and reading text is a little more pleasant on the iPhone 6, its not enough of a deal breaker, I still think the X has a amazing display in its own right, it doesn't detract from anything. I love the Moto display and breathing notifications, this has been such a welcome part of me, I love picking up the phone to see if I have anything on the screen and never requires a unlock unless I do. It's simple and so effective. The call quality, sound quality is also better due to the speaker being front firing on the Moto X. Although the iPhone 6 holds its own very well, the Moto X definitely wins here for me. My absolute favorite part of the Moto X is the design, it is a absolute ergonomic dream to hold, the curved back fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, even despite being wider its still easier to hold for me. The iPhone 6 is compact enough for me, but it still feels like I'm holding a bar of soap sometimes.

Navigation on the Moto X seems to be a little easier to me too. I don't really like reachability, it feels gimmicky and tacked on. I hate how the back buttons on iOS are in the top corner where I have to reach across with my thumb or finger to reach or it, or just bring up my other hand and tap it. The Moto X I just simply hit the back button like nothing, its almost like iOS on the iPhone is still built for the previous 4-inch screen of the past iPhone and the OS hasn't expanded to take advantage of the bigger display.

The iPhone was once revered for its fluidity and smoothness for me, I feel like iOS is finally starting to get a crack in the shell. I don't know if iOS 8 is just naturally buggy or the 1GB of RAM in the iPhone is finally starting to show its ugly self, but I'm beginning to get some pauses, some stutters, some freezes and little nuances across the OS that I'm picking up on now. The Moto X just flies through everything for me, it is buttery smooth, scrolling in chrome pages is ultra smooth and fast, the iPhone 6 scrolls slowly through safari pages. I wish there was a way to change the sensitivity.

I still like the iPhone though. Something about it still draws it to me, the keyboard accuracy for me is absolutely unparalleled and I can blaze through the iOS keyboard and type on it so fast. This is my single biggest frustration with my Moto X, the keyboard accuracy for me is just not nearly as good as the iPhone, it's not even close. I stumble on keys and make so many typos when I try to type as fast as I do on the iPhone, my only saving grace is when I'm able to swype, although I can't always do it because I'll have finger oil and won't be able to slide my fingers across the screen at all times throughout the day.

I also love the Touch ID, I love that the iPhone is so secured yet so easy to unlock. I've quickly loathed typing in lock codes now enough that I forgo them on the Moto X and just don't use a lock code, I'm a pretty sedentary person. I just mostly go to work and come home, and surrounding places, I'm not really too worried about having my phone stolen or lost, as it pretty much goes with me everywhere I go when I'm out in public. I realize freak accidents can happen, but its a nice thing to have.

Battery life seems the same across both devices, I would probably give a small nod to the iPhone for its superior standby time. I don't really play any games on my smartphone so I can't comment on performance, the applications I use on both phones are available and work just fine on both. I really mostly just use my phone for calls, text, email, web, and some maps and notes. Mostly just basic stuff, they're both sufficient on each platform for me, although I do think iPhones messaging app is a lot more polished then Android. I've been starting to like the new Messenger app from Google and I use that one as my primary text app, I just wish there was a way to change the colors for my contacts or at least understand how its color coded, thats left me a little confused.

So yeah, I'm torn. I'm sorry for writing a novel here, but I have both devices and I'll eventually need to make a decision, maybe some input from any of you can be welcomed to bounce some ideas off of.

Harry Wild

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May 25, 2013
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Get the iPhone 6 if you want the best apps in quality; have the latest apps and want to have the greatest performance for your smartphone. If you want a smartphone that is totally dependable, solid smartphone - few if ever crashes; then go with the iPhone. Apple's A series SoC is almost double the speed of the 801/805 SoC in some test from Anandtech and other testing reporting sites.

Get Moto X - Android Pure Edition if you want to change it up and customized everything on your smartphone. It will be more of a smartphone for programmers and those who like to explorer stuff. iPhone is more for the common person that just want to use it and nothing else.


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Jul 31, 2010
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I'm waiting around for the nexus on Verizon and have considered the Moto X. I did have the original moto x and it was a very nice experience.

However, my wife brought home an iPhone 6 today. She upgraded from her 5 and I am pretty impressed to be honest. I had the 4 and 4s before going to Android and there are parts of ios I miss, other parts I don't. It is a nice device though! I do miss how the OS all fits together. I do appreciate the ability to change default apps on Android but you definitely lose that feel that all the apps mesh together and flow as you're moving through iOS. Good luck with your decision. That's a tough one!

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Nov 7, 2014
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My #1 reason for switching to Android... Moto 360.

Being a lover all gadgets, I had been waiting for a functional and stylish smart watch. When it was first announced, I couldn't hand over my money fast enough. I am still pleased with the decision- Android Wear has a long way to go, but the potential is so great and the watch looks awesome. Now, I'm waiting for the metal band I ordered to show up...



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Nov 29, 2014
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After seeing the thread title, I was thinking that this was going to get rather ugly and one-sided quick, but kudos to everyone for some pretty fair, level-headed discussion. To OP, very thoughtful post. I think if we're all being objective, it's tough to recommend which way for you to go based on your background and intricate mix of preferences. And of course, both are very good phones.

Though, I will suggest that you try a few different apps for your Moto X - if you haven't already - that may address some of your concerns. Swiftkey is arguably the best Android keyboard, and there are plenty of good messaging apps such as Handcent and Textra.

In fact, most of the stock Android apps have good alternatives. Part of the fun is exploring, seeing what others have come up with, and installing 'the next best' app. Also, have you tried face unlock? Not as fancy or precise as Touch ID, but it's something. Good luck!


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Sep 5, 2011
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I think it comes to down to how you use your phone. If camera is important to you go for the IP6...i think it has the better camera. If more pure Android and faster updates are your thing then the Moto X2.
They are both great phones.


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Jun 1, 2011
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I have been going back and forth myself, but I would honestly wait until we see what the Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9 will be. If rumors are true (aiming for the S6 myself), I'm probably going that route.


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Dec 5, 2014
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I'm actually in the opposite position as you are in right now. And...I finally decided to sell my iPhone 6 for a Moto X. My Moto X is supposed to come next week, so don't read this if you don't want a unexperienced viewpoint. I'll try my best though.

The iPhone, while the most well-rounded phone, is also the boring-est phone. Sure, its got Touch ID here, it's blazing fast, and has a better camera, but it's missing a lot more. I've gotten more to the: pick up iPhone-->check email, play games, search stuff-->put down routine. For a phone that costed me $850+, it just isn't worth the money. There's not much exploration, customization, and does not offer anything interesting anymore (I've been on iOS for five years). Everytime I look over at my friend and his Nexus 5, I find myself drooling over it (not literally...eww...).

There are a couple of reasons I like the Moto X more:
-Android Lollipop design: the design of Lollipop appealed to me more than iOS 8's
-the Moto features: waving your hand to check for notifications, and Moto Voice appeals to me
-larger battery: I know Android takes up more power to run, so I'm not exactly sure on this one
-customization/uniqueness: there's probably millions of other people carrying the same iPhone 6 64 GB Gold version right now, I know at least 5
-ecosystem: sort of redundant, but the software is more appealing, as users can customize it to their liking

There are some things that the iPhone does do better, but can be fixed on the Moto X:
-fingerprint scanner: Android's face unlock is not better, but it helps
-camera: Android supports raw formats and maybe try different softwares
-performance: I've looked through some tests (not benchmarks), and Moto X has done almost as well as iPhone 6

Apologies for repeating this cliche phrase, but it's really what you prefer. iPhone will have things that Moto X cannot have, like better apps, simplicity, and an accurate screen. iPhone works on excelling in being good at all categories, while Moto X places stress on experience. It's once again, your choice.

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