Moto X 2014 Voice To Text Not Available Via Moto Assist?

The Singularious

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Sep 29, 2014
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I'm having trouble sending texts via voice command. Moto Assist seems to indicate that I can do this, as one of the suggested commands upon activation of Moto is "Send a text to ...". But when I give the command, the phone responds, "please install the app and try again".

Am I missing something. One of the main reasons I bought this phone was for voice commands other than just searching Google, which almost any late-model Android phone can do.

Educate me, peoples!

And TIA.


Dec 4, 2014
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Ok, I fixed one of my two problems. I went into apps and found my texting app (textra in my case). I then hit the clear defaults button. Then I sent a text via moto voice assist and it worked. Then I re-set textra as my default texting app and it still works.

What still doesn't work, however, is the need to unlock my device before sending a text (even though I have all three checkboxes checked for "Commands while locked". That is still annoying.

Anyway, hope this helps.