Moto X Pure for Nexus 6p

Jon F

Jan 17, 2014
Hey guys,

I realize I'm posting this in the 6p thread so I expect some biased responses, but I really want your honest opinion. I've had a Moto X Pure for about 3 months now and it's a fantastic phone. Great battery life, great screen, great size, expandable storage, etc... You all know the features of the Pure. What my question is, I've been having some problems with my Pure that make me want to order a 6p, but I'm just hesitant. My Pure has been randomly rebooting, randomly hard locking, and randomly inverting colors (not really the Accessibility invert, but a weird white inversion that looks like a failed LCD screen) that only gets fixed by hard resetting the phone. I have a 64gb MicroSD in the Pure, but I've never even filled 20gb of it so I can safely order a 6p 32gb and have no problems with storage. I'm just wondering if you guys really think the 6p is that much better than the Pure. Give me your thoughts. Thanks!



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Aug 27, 2010
I used a moto x 2015 since release and now have a 6P. They are very similar (other than the physical design of course). I actually think the X takes slightly better pictures and is more comfortable to hold. Battery life is identical for me. If you're having that much trouble you can try a warranty replacement through Moto (although it might be a PITA). The place the 6p wins is the fingerprint scanner and instant updates from Google.


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May 30, 2011
I have been comparing the MXP and the 6P for the past week. I was completely sold on either one, both being awesome. Don't use the fingerprint scanner so that carried no plus points for me like it does for many others. What clinched it for me tho was the nexus needs a case imo as it is to damn slippery. I put the google case on which is very minimal. Gave a nice grippy feel. I could use the moto without a case because of the soft matte back made it nice and grippy. The feel of the moto in hand was just much more comfy, with no case. The nexus on an extended call of more than a few minutes I got tired of holding it. No problem with the moto. The only other thing that made the moto better for my needs is the ambient display. Love it. the nexus was not reliably coming on as advertised. Always had to pick up the phone to get it to work. The moto I only need touch lightly and it tells me what I have. Turned off the approach feature as it was annoying but hey, at least you get the choice.. If the nexus had more options for the lock screen then ? probably still have gone with the moto.
You can do what I did and trial it for 14 days. No charge but postage back to google.